UI Path

Why RPA?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is software installed in a user’s computer, machine or device that tracks human actions and replicates them to perform the complex, redundant and rule-based work which is performed on a daily basis. This application will replace the human’s effort.RPA will improved customer experience and operational excellence by increasing performance, efficiency and agility.

RPA takes less processing time. The time taken by RPA to process data and do other rule-based and calculations work is less than 1/4th of what a human resource would take, also it gives accurate results and the scope of error is almost zero.

RPA allows humans to work smarter with sophisticated software to automate business tasks, which, in turn, generates rich process data that drives meaningful insights, value and outcomes for businesses.

Why UiPath ?

UiPath is an Enterprise Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Software designed to empower companies to automate repetitive, manual, rules-based business processes. Any repetitive task a user performs on his computer, including data entry, legacy application integration, data or content migration, screen scraping and testing can be automated with UiPath. UiPath Community Edition is free for individual developers, an open source project.

For large companies, BPOs and shared services that use large scale, high-volume human labour, the RPA technology adds impetus to business innovation and profitability. It enables organizations to configure software robots that automate manual, repetitive rules-based tasks at a fraction of the cost of their human equivalent, and integrate without disruption the legacy system.

UiPath robots are easy to train and they “see” the interface like a human. They can act as automated assistants and are designed to collaborate with humans while permanently reporting on progress.
The process designer is a drag & drop, visual process modelling tool, easy to learn and easy to use without programming knowledge. It is powered by a flow-chart interface and using it to build the software robot is just like putting together the pieces of an algorithm.

Who can Learn RPA?


Developers who are into other programming languages.

Business Process Employees

Digital Marketing professionals

Business Analysts

Project Managers



Job Seekers

Any users

Yes, here it is at last: the robots have come for our jobs.

Students / Employers! Why can’t you become a manufacturer of that robot? Join us and become a RPA developer.

“It’s Booming now”

The pay scale of the people who are experts in RPA is relatively much higher in comparison with the other fields.

Why PC Info Solutions?

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UiPath Syllabus

Introduction to RPA

About RPA

RPA Tools

RPA Tools Installation

Differences between Automation Tools

Hardware and Software Requirements

Workflow Designer Panels


Universal Search Box

Activities Panel

Design Panel

Library Panel

Project Panel

Properties Panel

Outline Panel

Output Panel

Control Panel

Types of Workflows



State Machines

Managing Variables and Arguments

Managing Variables

Types of Variables

Managing Arguments

Data Scraping

Examples of Using Data Scraping


About Recording

Recording Types

Automatic Recording

Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop

Example of Automatic Recording with Web

Manual Recording

Advanced UI Interaction

Input Methods

Output or Screen Scraping


About Selectors

Selectors with Wildcards

Full versus Partial Selectors

UiPath Explorer

Image and Text Automation

About Image and Text Automation

Mouse and Keyboard Activities

Text Activities

OCR Activities

Image Activities

Examples for all activities

Citrix Automation

Introduction to Citrix Automation

Example of Citrix Automation

Excel & Data Tables

Excel Activities

Data Tables Activities



Data Extraction from PDF

PDF Activities

Email Automation

Email Automation

Email Activities

Debugging and Exception Handling

Debug Workflow

Error Handlings

UiPath Orchestrator

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